RAVINDRA KAUSHIK, the “Black Tiger”: A ‘hindu’ born in India to a ‘muslim’ from Pakistan

“Heroes are made, not born” is a saying that has been inspiring many since years but there was a hero in history who personified it.  There are a few who ever got a chance to become a hero in their journey of life and hence, emerge out of the worst adversities as champions and thus, embarking a unique tag for themselves.  One such HERO is Late Mr. Ravindra Kaushik, the “BLACK TIGER”, a RAW agent.

BLACK TIGER, as he is famously called, was born on 26th July 1952, in Sri Ganganagar, Rajasthan. Being a theatre artist played a pivotal role in him being selected by the RAW agency as an undercover agent due to his great acting skills. Ravindra Kaushik was chosen to be sent to Pakistan at the mere age of 23 and work with the PAKISTAN MILITARY, while revealing vital information to his motherland, thus, alerting us before every potential threat.  He underwent training in Delhi where he was taught URDU, for understandable/obvious reasons. Thus, a HINDU born in Rajasthan switched his identity to a MUSLIM from Pakistan as Nabi Ahmed Shakir . In 1975, he joined the Pakistan Army as a civilian clerk and later in the Military Accounts Department. During this tenure, he passed on valuable information to RAW which helped them overcome various situations. One such highlight is the PAHALGAM encounter where the Indian troops killed 50 Pakistani counterparts, just due to the timely information given by the ‘BLACK TIGER’.

Unfortunately, his heroic service was short lived, when Mr.Inyat Masik, a low level operative of RAW was caught by the Pakistan Army while he was trying to get in touch with Kaushik. As fate had it, Masik revealed Ravindra Kaushik’s true identity, while getting interrogated by the Pakistan Officials. Thus, Ravindra Kaushik was caught and tortured for nearly 2 years. In 1985, he was given death sentence which was changed to life imprisonment later on by the Pakistan Supreme Court. He used to constantly write letters to his family telling them about the brutality he was going through in Pakistan.

A troubled life awaited him thereafter, which resulted in him suffering from Pulmonary Tuberculosis and heart diseases to which he succumbed to later on.  Whether it was destiny or just a mere fact, he left us on 26th July 1999, the day he turned 47. His body rests peacefully behind the New Central Jail of Multan whereas his soul and the inspiring journey still instils patriotism in the minds of every Indian.

It takes immense guts and courage to look the opposition in the eye and that too in their own den.  SCRIPBROS takes immense pride in saluting an unsung hero, Ravindra Kaushik, a soul who has posthumously made an embedded mark in all our hearts.

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