UPPMA VIRDI: A “chai waali” who won the Australian Businesswoman of the year award

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life

– goes a famous saying.

Work is something you ‘have to do’ as opposed to passion which is something you ‘want to do’. But when someone’s work and passion is one and the same thing, he or she is the happiest person on this planet. Uppma Virdi is a perfect example of an entrepreneur whose love for a cup of chai has made her successful in all its glory.

A soulful cup of chai is heaven for almost all of us. For many, a day cannot begin without a hot cup of tea. Such is the love of chai for the 26-year old Uppma Virdi that she carried her passion all the way to Australia and created a business out of it.

A successful Indian-Australian lawyer by profession, the idea clicked nearly two years ago, when Virdi sought something exciting while doing her day job at her law firm. That’s when she gave her ‘tea-business’ a shot. she founded a tea retail business named Chai Walli. The business shot her to fame, and she is now also a renowned community and business leader.

Uppma’s love affair with chai began long back in her childhood. Her grandfather, a doctor who specialized in herbs and spices, taught her the art of Ayurvedic tea. With the aim of bringing people together over a warm cup of tea and sharing the fascinating Indian culture of tea with the world, Uppma created a business out of it.

A booming business since inception, the variety of flavors was enough to attract customers craving for more. Initially she sold teas at the market herself, and soon ran out of stock with her special blends.

Soon she began running an online store, wholesaling to local speciality stores. Uppma also runs “The art of Chai” workshops where she teaches people how to brew the perfect chai. She utilized the power of marketing and built her two-year-old business through relationships, word of mouth, social media marketing and invested in a lot of hard work.

Chai Walli’s phenomenal growth and Uppma Virdi’s relentless passion for tea was recently celebrated at the Indian Australian Business and Community Awards (IABCA). Virdi was named Businesswoman of the Year 2016 in a grand Sydney ceremony.

She is still a lawyer by day, but her heart lies in the wonderful art of chai making. She continues listening to her heart and brews wonderful cups of chai day in and day out. In return, soul satisfaction is what she yearns for and receives.

An inspiration to young entrepreneurs, especially the women folk, Virdi has successfully carved a niche for herself in the business of tea making and placing India and her wonderful spices firmly on the world map. In Australia, it’s a dream come true. ScripBros applauds her journey and is glad to present her inspiring story to the world, and wishes her all the very best in her future endeavors.

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